The Library collection is developed keeping in mind the interests and needs of all its users. It contains general course related books, specialized books, general reference books, special subject oriented reference books, rare collections, e-book CDs, e-journals (in print form). The collection comprises of books in English and Marathi language. The periodical collection is also divided into general and subject related periodicals.

The college library is a Member of N-LIST Programme through which E-resources can be accessed of renowned Academic Publishers like Cambridge, Elsevier, Springer, Oxford, Academic Press etc. It provides access to peer-reviewed journal articles of all subjects with a special collection of Scientific Journals. Downloading of e-books is also provided. Along with NLIST the library is also a member of National Digital Library Repository.

The library has huge collection of Reference Sources like Encyclopedia (General and Subject Specific), Dictionaries (General and Subject Specific), Biographies, Directories, Almanacs, Yearbooks etc.


Father of Library Science Dr.S. R. Ranganathan proposed Five Laws of Library Science in 1932 detailing the principles of operating a library system.

They are -

  • Books are for use
  • Every reader his/her book.
  • Every books it's reader
  • Save the time of the reader
  • Library is a growing organism.

The first four laws mainly emphasizes on the usage of books, increasing accessibility of books, how readers should be made aware of the variety of books in the library, ways in which every book purchased in the library should get accessed at least once during its shelf-life, ways of increasing reading habits and ways in which users time should be saved in the library by providing services efficiently and effectively.

Keeping into consideration these laws, the B.P.Sulakhe Commerce College Library provides Open Access to all staff and UG & PG students.

Arrangement of Books

The books are arranged in a classified manner and the library follows Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme with Broken order sequence.

Library Automation

The B.P.SulakheCommerce College, library is fully automated in its functioning and it uses. LIB-MAN Cloud Base Software since 2008 . LIB-MAN is a highly integrated, user-friendly and compatible system for complete computerization of all the in-house operations of any size or type of library. The library management software is intuitive, efficiently and compliant. Lib-Man is embedded with multilingual fonts, Barcode & QR Code fonts. The software developed in consultation with prolific senior library professionals It is user-friendly software developed to work under client-server environment.

LIB-MAN is wholesome solution to total library automation.


100% assurance for import of other library software data into LIB-MAN. Mark standard data import/export. Book data fetching from ISBN site and Google API saves data entry time. Supports EBook uploading & reading. Follows all library latest standards such as Marc 21, library congress standards, AACR2. Reports / data export to word, excel, PDF, text.Fully secured & maintenance free.Fully documented user manual. Best backup and recovery.Reports on laser/inkjet printers. Lib-Man is embedded with multilingual fonts, Barcode & QR Code fonts. Print barcode using barcode printer like Argox, TSC, etc. It supports all latest technologies which include cloud hosting, smartphone, tablets, SMS, email, UHF RFID, payment gateway, etc.It also supports smart phone app for book search - MOPAC.


  • M-OPAC allows user to search a book from any registered colleges / Institutes libraries.
  • M-OPAC app display consolidated library data at a glance.
  • User can search books by different tags like : Title, Author, Publisher, Subject and Keywords.
  • User would be able to see information regarding the book like Author, Publishers, Publish year, Accession numbers with Series code, ISBN, Call No (Classification Number + Book Number), Quantity of Book

Statastical Collection Analysis

Sr. No. Wings Books
1 Seniar(B.Com) 23081
2 UGC 978
3 B.C.A 3517
4 PG(M.Com) 4432
5 Juniar( Arts, Commerce, MCVC) 11843
Total (As On 31/3/2020) 43851

Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1 Bound Volumes of periodicals 15
2 Periodicals Subscribed 23
3 Newspapers 9
4 Online Journals (N-LIST) 6500+
5 E-Books (N-LIST) 3130000+

Non-Books Material As on 31/03/2020

Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1 CDS 52
2 Audio Cassettes 01
3 Video Cassettes 11
4 Computer 11
5 VCR 1
6 Scanner 2